Partner Sites

To refine and further develop the Taking Action on Overuse Framework, and build resources from real-world experience, the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation partnered with three health care organizations representing different health care settings. What we learned informed the evolution of our Framework and change package.

Swedish Medical Group (Inpatient/hospital setting)

Swedish Medical Group is a large hospital system in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. Their work looked at the phenomenon of “familiar faces”—patients who have a high readmission rate. They created Care Plans for select patients in this cohort while tracking correlated utilization reduction.

UCLA Academic Health Centers (Specialty/outpatient setting)

UCLA Health focused on reducing the use of upper endoscopy for gastroesophageal reflux disease without red flag signs or symptoms.

Missouri Primary Care Association (Regional/state collaborative)

The Missouri Primary Care Association focused on reducing inappropriate opioid prescribing among primary care provider organizations in the state. These efforts built on existing efforts, including a Missouri Foundation for Health-supported program to improve chronic pain management, which emphasized the importance of team-based care and population management approaches.

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