The Framework

Health care providers and health system leaders can use the Taking Action on Overuse Framework to engage and support health care teams in reducing overused care—and, in the end, do less of what harms and more of what helps patients. It is a roadmap that can be applied to existing and new initiatives to reduce medical overuse, and will help you focus on work with the greatest potential for results.

Getting Started

The graphic above presents the updated 2020 Taking Action on Overuse conceptual framework for how to reduce overused care. At the heart of the framework are conversations about potential patient harm, patient preferences and data on rates of overuse that lead to a reduction in overused services. The four catalysts not only make those conversations happen, but when they occur it makes them more effective because they lead to awareness, ownership and action among those who participate in the conversation. They are: prioritize the work; build a culture of trust, innovation, and improvement; develop shared purpose and language; and commit resources to measurement. Learn more about them in the resources below.

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