The Framework

The Taking Action on Overuse Framework aims to help health care providers, health system leaders, and allied organizations engage and support health care teams in reducing low-value care—and, in the end, doing less of what harms and more of what helps patients. It is a roadmap that can be applied to existing and new initiatives to reduce medical overuse, providing a way to focus change efforts.


Getting Started

The graphic above presents the Taking Action on Overuse conceptual framework for how to reduce low-value care. An accompanying “change package” helps its users identify the specific changes necessary to sustainably reduce medical overuse.

Get started by taking the assessment and then focus on making progress within the first four change concepts under Creating Conditions for Change.

  • Change package: An evidence-based set of change concepts and key changes determined to be critical to the improvement of an identified care process.
  • Change concept: A general approach or idea used as a framework for developing the kinds of activities and changes that lead to improvement.
  • Key changes: The specific changes or activities you can use to achieve the intended improvement.

The Taking Action on Overuse Framework consists of six change concepts—purple in the Framework graphic above. Four are organized under the umbrella of Creating Conditions for Change, as they lay the ground work for successful implementation of the key changes associated with the other two change concepts.

Download the full Framework with change concepts, key changes and specific examples of how to make those key changes.

Download full framework

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