Change Package

The Taking Action on Overuse change package includes a detailed dive into each element of the framework as an action-planning tool and a full guide to implementing improvement concepts based on activities that predicate key changes. It helps users identify the specific key changes and suggested activities that support the conversations necessary to sustainably reduce medical overuse. Here are definitions of terms used in the change package:

  • Change package: An evidence-based set of change concepts and key changes determined to be critical to the improvement of an identified care process.
  • Change concept: A general approach or idea used as a framework for developing the kinds of activities and changes that lead to improvement.
  • Key changes: The specific changes or activities you can use to achieve the intended improvement.

Use the Assessment to Guide Your Use of the Change Package

A good starting point for using the change package is to ask clinicians and staff to complete the assessment to identify specific areas where there are opportunities for change and improvement. This assessment is most effective when individuals complete it individually and then convene to discuss their responses to individual items and assess where and why they differ in their response. Use the results of the assessment to select focal areas and activities within the change package.

Download the Change Package