Josh Moskovitz, MD, MPH, MBA

Josh Moskovitz

As a RWJF Safety Net Value Champions Fellow, I am being supported to engage providers in reducing overuse in healthcare. At our Emergency Department at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, New York, I am focusing on the appropriate use of imaging for the evaluation of low back pain. I have chosen this topic because when used improperly these tests do not help patients and can at times have unintended consequences. Utilizing standardized and nationally recognized guidelines will improve our decision-making and reduce the exposure of patients to unnecessary radiographs and CT scans. Patients will win with better quality care and more efficient and more effective treatment strategies. We will track the use of imaging for low back pain through existing data systems and by conducting chart audits.

Check out Josh’s capstone presentation.

Born and raised in NYC, Dr. Joshua Moskovitz trained in medicine at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and completed an emergency medicine residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. He complemented his skill set with an MPH in Emergency Preparedness from John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and an MBA in health care administration from Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business. Drawing on past experiences in EMS, disaster preparedness and global health, Dr. Moskovitz dove head first into his current role as a practicing emergency physician and Associate Director of Operations for the Emergency Department at Jacobi Medical Center. Jacobi, a public hospital in the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation is a safety net facility primarily caring for underserved patients while specializing in trauma, burn, hyperbarics and snakebites. His role in coordinating ED operations brings him in contact with many of his passions: operational efficiency, patient quality and safety, throughput and resource utilization. He’s excited to join the RWJ Fellowship to help realize his dream of bringing high-quality and efficient health care to everyone who seeks it.

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