Other Initiatives

ABIM Foundation
The ABIM Foundation advances medical professionalism and quality improvement and is the source of the Choose Wisely® campaign.

American College of Physicians High Value Care Initiative
The American College of Physicians has compiled resource for clinicians, medical educators, and patients on a wide variety of topics related to high value care.

Center for Healthcare Decisions
The Center for Healthcare Decisions gathers and reports the public’s perspective on complex healthcare issues, including reducing the use of unnecessary, harmful or wasteful healthcare services.

Choosing Wisely®
ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely® campaign promotes conversations between clinicians and patients to avoid wasteful or unnecessary medical tests and treatments.

Dell Medical School Curriculum on High Value Care
Discovering Value-Based Care is a series of online instructional modules developed by a team at Dell Medical School designed to introduce medical students to the basic concepts behind value-based care delivery. The modules include topics such as introduction to health care value, delivery of health care value and improving value at bedside.

High Value Practice Academic Alliance
An Alliance of over 100 faculty leaders from academic health centers across the U.S. who collaborate to both reduce unnecessary care and teach future health care professionals the principles of how to create a high value care culture.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on Health Care Quality and Value
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is engaging health care providers, policymakers, and consumer groups in efforts to provide high-value care at the right price and improve overall health outcomes.

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