Training Value Champions

Ready to Reduce Overuse & Harm?

Health care providers and health system leaders can use our set of tools to train clinicians on how to start de-implementation projects and advance efforts to reduce medical overuse within their institutions. We call these agents of de-implementation, Value Champions. Rich with case studies, lessons learned, quotes, and resources from across many safety net settings, these tools are a collaborative reflection of the Taking Action on Overuse: Value Champions faculty, fellows, and projects.

Designed to emulate the learning process of laboratory courses, there are two complementary tools available, the Curriculum or theory behind becoming a Value Champion and the Project Workbook that leads you step-by-step through starting and completing a successful overuse-reduction project.

  • The Value Champions Training Curriculum is ready for use by individuals or groups who wishes to acquire the knowledge and skills to train or become effective clinical value champions. This syllabus consists of 10 learning modules covering essential concepts and topics foundational to being an effective clinical Value Champion. The Curriculum is available as a digital course on Kaiser Permanente Scholar or as a PDF (below). 
  • The Value Champion Project Workbook will guide clinical Value Champions through their overuse reduction projects. The interactive workbook PDF includes overviews of the phases of a project, milestones to plan for, sample to do lists, journaling questions, and recommended tools and resources. These pieces will help you prioritize equity, stay on track, address challenges, evaluate the project, and plan for sustainability. 

The Value Champions Team is excited to share these tools with broader audiences and continue supporting de-implementation projects across the safety net and beyond to improve care and increase health equity for all.
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The Safety-Net Clinical Value Champions Fellowship

Six champions from safety-net settings across the U.S. participated in the Safety-Net Clinical Value Champions Fellowship training program, led by MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation and a national group of faculty and mentors. During their year-long fellowship, they received training, guidance and implementation support for their work reducing medical overuse. Functioning as a cohort model, we learned as much from them as they learned from us and one another. All of these learnings were captured throughout the fellowship and synthesized in the syllabus, learning modules, and project workbook.

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