Training Value Champions

Clinical value champions are agents of change

Health care providers and health system leaders can use our set of tools to train their own clinical value champions and advance efforts to reduce medical overuse within their institutions. We’ve aggregated several years of on-the-ground action and learning into online and downloadable tools and resources that embody the Taking Action on Overuse Framework:

  • A Syllabus with Learning Modules for use by any group who wishes to acquire the knowledge and skills to train or become effective clinical value champions. This syllabus consists of 10 learning modules covering important concepts and topics foundational to being an effective clinical value champion. It was created by the faculty and former fellows of The Safety-Net Clinical Value Champions Fellowship and based on their experience and learnings. Each learning module is intended to be used in a “seminar” format where learners have assigned readings and homework and convene as a group for a moderated discussion of those readings and case studies and how they might apply this knowledge to their work as a clinical value champion.
  • A Project Workbook designed to guide a clinical value champion through an overuse reduction project. It provides a user-customized set of journaling pages and essential tools to guide the progress of an overuse-reduction improvement effort. Based upon the experience of our clinical value champions as they conducted their projects, the workbook is used to record progress and milestones, help generate timelines and other project management aids, and prompt reflections by the user to inform the progression of a project and the understanding of what works and what needs further improvement.

The Safety-Net Clinical Value Champions Fellowship

Six champions from safety-net settings across the U.S. participated in the Safety-Net Clinical Value Champions Fellowship training program, led by MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation and a national group of faculty and mentors. During their year-long fellowship, they received training, guidance and implementation support for their work reducing medical overuse. Functioning as a cohort model, we learned as much from them as they learned from us and one another. All of these learnings were captured throughout the fellowship and synthesized in the syllabus, learning modules, and project workbook.

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